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Family Owned and Operated! Peach State Turf Care is the number one turf care company in Northwest Georgia. If you have weeds overtaking your lawn, have the peace of mind that Peach State Turf Care is just a phone call or email away. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer!

Custom Care For your lawn

How Can We Help?

We proudly offer home and business owners access to an extensive list of affordable and innovative services.

Athletic Fields

Peach State Turf Care specializes in a diverse range of lawn and turf services explicitly designed to address the needs of athletic fields and school properties.

Weed Control & Pre-emergent

Our lawn care service provides superior weed control throughout the seasons. Our team is constantly researching new products and evaluating the lawns we service to develop the best plan of action for weed control in your lawn.

Mosquito Control

Are mosquitoes bugging you? Not only are mosquitoes a biting nuisance, they transmit deadly diseases as well. Mosquitoes carry several strains of encephalitis, and heart worms.

Tree & Shrub

Peach State Turf Care’s tree and shrub care program keeps your landscape healthy by controlling insects and disease throughout the year. This program also includes balanced root zone fertilization for lush foliage and dormant oil protection against insects.


All lawns need to be aerated annually. Bermuda and Zoysia lawns benefit from core aeration during spring and early summer. Both of these grass types are self-germinating and do not require over seeding.


Sometimes water and sunlight aren’t enough to keep your lawn looking its best. If you notice dead patches, slow-growing grass, or yellowing blades, the culprit is likely a nutrient deficiency.

Tried and true results

Family Owned & Operated

With years of experience in weed control, trees & shrubs, core aeration, ant control, grub control and other pest control services, we are truly the go to source for lawn services in Northwest Georgia.

Our happy customers

We’ve helped many achieve the lawn of their dreams

Paige Eichelkraut

Residential Client


“My lawn has not ever looked better. It was more weeds than grass when I started treatments in February and full of bare spots but now it’s weed free and almost all the bare spots are fully repaired without any additional work. “

Jumpy Bumpers

Commercial Client


“They always let me know they are coming by text or phone call. They genuinely make sure they do a good job and keep track of my services and supply me with a synopsis of what they’re doing. Plus, their professional service and chemicals cost less than what I could buy the chemicals for! Can’t go wrong – good folks.”

Kenneth Hollis

Residential Client


“Absolute professionals. Very knowledgeable and helped me get Yard of the Month”

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